Tarot for Business Insights (Plan for Growth 8-Year Anniversary Series)

Join Micaela Skonic from SBIDC for a unique and engaging 1-1 consultation that offers a fresh perspective on your business's journey to success!

These 30-minute consultations will frame business owners' inquiry using the Tarot card deck, providing guidance through a century-old tool.

In addition to her work with Plan for Growth and providing technical asssistance to businesses for the past four years, Micaela has been teaching Tarot workshops in academic contexts, art residencies and doing community readings at events. She views Tarot as a systems-thinking device, where symbols and archetypal images can provide business insight by clarifying the inquiry, challenges and opportunities that may be leveraged.

Plan for Growth Alumni are able to schedule tarot consultations via registering on this page. Micaela will be reaching out directly, to set up an appointment through Calendly. Readings will take place remotely, on the week of October 16th.

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