Employee Ownership

Do you have a succession plan? Through a partnership between SBIDC, BOC Network, and The Working World, three established small business technical assistance providers and an investor, we can connect you with the expertise and funding needed to facilitate a business sale to the people best positioned to succeed your business— your employees!

Included Business Support

All of these services are available to your company pre- and post-sale. We want to see your business and employees thrive!

• Assemble financing, terms of sale, and execute the purchase of the business

• Create and implement a transition plan to an employee-owned business

• Outline operational and decision-making duties to new employee-owners

• Provide business training, and professional development for employees post-sale

• Review financial, legal, and operational documents

Program Eligibility

While any business can become an employee-owned business, this specific partnership requires the following:

• Ten or more employees

• Demonstrate historical profitability

Additional criteria may be considered.

This program is powered by:

BOC Network Logo

BOC Network

Business Outreach Center Network improves the economic prospects of traditionally underserved groups.

About BOC



A local economic development corporation serving the businesses in southwest Brooklyn.


The Working World Logo

The Working World

Non-extractive financing for worker-cooperatives with tailor-made business support.

About TWW

About the Investor

The Working World, headquartered in New York City, has fifteen years of experience converting companies to employee-ownership. This partnership with local business support organizations will only improve the process of working with business owners and employees to transition ownership successfully.

What is Employee-Ownership

About 17 million people in the US work in some variation of an employee-owned business. Investments from this partnership are designed to result in direct ownership and control of each business by its employees.

Watch our video explaining what is employee ownership and how does the program work.

Downloadable brochures and slides.

Have questions about the program or conversions in general? Reach out to Micaela Skoknic at mskoknic@sbidc.org, or 718 965 3100 ext. 106.

Need more information or assistance?

We are happy to assist businesses with all whatever challenges they might be facing. Reach out to Brady Meixell with further questions and issues.

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