Creating opportunity for all in Southwest Brooklyn Since 1978

Since its founding in 1978, Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation (SBIDC) has worked to create equal opportunity for the people and businesses of Brooklyn’s Southwest working waterfront. For four decades SBIDC has helped people build careers and industrial businesses in the Sunset Park, Red Hook and Gowanus neighborhoods thrive.

SBIDC has been a driving force in the improvement of the Southwest Brooklyn economy by delivering a wide range of business services to local firms and acting as an advocate for small business interests. Additionally, the organization is a critical hub for connecting local employers with job seekers.  

SBIDC is committed to addressing the biggest challenges facing Southwest Brooklyn’s waterfront. From economic inequality and displacement to climate resiliency, SBIDC and the people behind it are here to ensure that everyone in Southwest Brooklyn has access to opportunity and prosperity.

Why We Do What We Do


To create a level playing field and shared opportunity for local industry and the people around it.


To provide the tools, guidance and resources needed for success to residents and businesses regardless of industry or background.


To create a circular economy that leads to job growth, higher revenues, local production and less environmental waste, strengthening and preserving the working waterfront.
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