Plan For Growth Fall Cohort

Plan for Growth is a multi-week business management and leadership program designed for manufacturers, makers and creative entrepreneurs in Southwest Brooklyn. It is hosted by SBIDC in partnership with consulting firm Skopos Collective.

For a reduced fee, businesses have weekly access to expert instructors and consultants in the fields of leadership, business strategy, finance, marketing and management. Over 100 businesses have graduated from the program since its inception in 2016.

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Class Curriculum and Dates

All classes will take place at the Innovation Lab located at Building 87 in Industry City. Each class will begin promptly at 9:00 am and will end at 1:00 pm.

Week 1.

Leading with Purpose: Jump into PFG by revisiting the origins of your business, fine-tuning your values, and how to think strategically when leading your company forward.

Week 2.

Customer Profiles & Journeys: Get to know your ideal customers —who are they, what do they need, and why are they seeking you out?—in order to understand how you can best provide for them.

Week 3.

Marketing Strategies & Budgets: Now that you know who your customer is, this class is all about attracting those people to your business by making informed marketing decisions that are aligned with strategic intention.

Week 4.

Managing Your Money Better: Break through the uncomfortable by getting the essentials of accounting. Learn to analyze the story your numbers tell and how to make better business decisions with your numbers.

Week 5.

From Break-Even to Profit: With the basics under your belt, we’ll move on to understanding the high-level insights your financial reports can offer.

Week 6.

Goal Planning & Project Management: Using the goals you outlined earlier in this course, streamline your operations by building out a project management system that your whole business will benefit from.

Week 7.

Process Drives Efficiency: Break down your tech stack and learn to leverage technology for any aspect of your business in need of an efficiency boost

Week 8.

Business Presentations!: For the last class, each participant will pitch to the cohort, engaging your peers as you share the story of your business and your newfound plans for the future.

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