BQE South: SBIDC's BQE Phase 2 Focus Group

As a community partner in the project, SBIDC is joining the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) as we enter Phase 2 of its Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) Corridor Vision. SBIDC gathered feedback from industrial businesses and employees in the first round on potential –thank you to all who participated. In this 2nd phase, DOT has compiled and synthesized the feedback collected across all its community partners and sessions, to devise several potential pilot projects around the BQE.

SBIDC will be collecting feedback from Southwest Brooklyn businesses on these potential projects and improvements. We’ll be holding a Zoom session that presents the DOT options to collect your feedback on them on July 11th. If you can not make this session, you can reach out to Brady Meixell at to receive the materials and provide feedback either via email or call

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